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Coach Michael Joyce is a teacher of Taijiquan, Classical Foil Fencing and Women's Self-Defense. He started his martial arts training in 1994, and has studied and taken workshops in many different systems. While in college at St. Louis University, Coach Joyce not only became obsessed with the art of Taijiquan, he also began to formulate the curriculum of what would become the Outfoxxed Program of Women's Self-Defense.

While finishing his studies at the University of NC at Greensboro (Exercise & Sport Science), Coach Joyce concentrated his efforts on the science and psychology of physical confrontations. Empowering women through self-protection workshops, lectures and educational materials is what he considers “Priority One” of his Life's work. Like all subjects and art forms, refinement and improvement continues.

There have been many people that have contributed to his development in taijiquan most notably (and in no particular order) are: Chen Zhonghua, Herb Parran, Yang Yang, Dale Stacy, Yang Jwing-Ming, and Ronnie Yee.  In fencing, David Achilleus (St.Louis University) and Stefan Ward (UNC-G). In Jiu-Jitsu, Rener and Ryron Gracie and my close friend and training partner, Brandon Vaughn. 

On the anniversary of 20 years in taijiquan, Coach Joyce created a form inspired by his martial studies to help fortify his student's ability to apply effective applications to common violent, real life situations (see Disciplines, Joyce 18 Form).

Currently, Coach Joyce is excited to grow his community of taiji players and show the importance of the movements and applications of this new form. Clips will soon be put on our YouTube channel. We hope that you check them out.  Also stay tuned to our upcoming podcast that will appear in 

2018.  For more on Coach Joyce, feel free to check out his interview on CombativeCorner.Com - or better yet, visit one of his classes or workshops.


  Interview with CombativeCorner.Com - October 16, 2015

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When Coach Joyce is not teaching, he is highly engaged in his manual therapy practice where he is an advanced practitioner of Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques.  If you are interested in learning more please visit his website YourTherapy.Info or get some pointers from him on his YourTherapy instagram account where he showcases his favorite self-care, mobility and massage techniques.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bishop


Jennifer Joyce is Coach Joyce's wife and has attended nearly every Polo Park workshop from 2010-present. She is slated to achieve a full “instructor rating”  for the Outfoxxed Program in 2018!

She is an Appalachian State University graduate and currently works for technical writer for Wells Fargo. She enjoys writing, photography, yoga and being a mother to our beautiful dogs Mei Li and Lucia. Jennifer loves to travel (but wishes she was able to do more of it), and empowering women in self-defense classes.

Currently Jennifer is enjoying a side project as a fashion blogger for her website, Mi Style Su Style and is a rep for Chloe and Isabel jewelry.  Both Michael and Jennifer life in Winston-Salem, with their two fur-babies (italian greyhounds) Mei Li and Lucia.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Bishop

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