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My name is Michael Joyce and I teach Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Classical Fencing, and Self-Defense here in my hometown of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  To learn more about the different disciplines and forms we train in, please hit the tab above.

After 20 years of practicing taijiquan, I've done something that not a lot of practitioners have done and that is to create something new. Many students of taijiquan are good at forms but have trouble navigating through the chaotic waters of real life violence. Many of my teachers have shown the effectiveness of taijiquan but the Joyce 18 Form hones in on the essential movements of common scenarios.  Learn more by clicking the "Joyce 18 Form" tab. 

If you are local, please join us in our classes at Polo Park Recreation Center every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:00 pm.  And stay tuned!  There will be other opportunities to learn in 2018, including some free YouTube tutorials.

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Joyce 18 Form

Movement is so vital to our existence and the art of Taijiquan has, scientific study after scientific study as shown that it is one of the best exercises that you can do for your body.  Not only does it feed the body, increase stability and movement awareness but it feeds the mind as well. When you combine mindfulness training, Qigong (specialized breathing techniques) and movement (Taijiquan) you get a life-long, low-to-no-impact art form that therapeutically enhances your daily life. Give it a try!

Women's Self-Defense
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Winston-Salem, North Carolina 

Tel: 336-337-0348

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